About Us

Proudly Celebrating 60 Years of Dedicated Service to the Huntley Area

History of the Funeral Home
Jim O'Connor of Joliet married Katherine Strubbe of Crystal Lake and they opened the funeral home in its present location in December, 1951. They raised their three children there: James (Karen Allen) O'Connor of Hampshire, Kathy (Jim) Carr of Woodstock and the late Edward.

For nearly 20 years the O'Connor Funeral Home provided the community with ambulance service until the fire department assumed the role.

During the early 1980s, Jim's health dictated that he get some help, and he asked Walter Leucht of Fredrick Funeral Home in Hampshire to be of assistance. This began Walter's affiliation with the funeral home in Huntley and he became responsible for all embalming and service-related needs in 1984. In 1986, Jim asked Walter to be his partner and they continued this agreement until 1990 when Mr. O'Connor passed away. Walter purchased the remaining stock and was proud to continue Jim's passion for quality, dependable funeral services.

As the community began to develop it became very apparent that Walter was going to need some assistance. This presented an opportunity for Dale Tegtman of Hampshire (whom Walter had hired as a teenager to cut his grass) to become a full time partner in the funeral home in October 2002.

They continue their reputation for excellence and distinctive funeral service to their community. They acknowledge that their superior service will make friendships with families for generations to come. They have prided themselves on being available and easy to talk to. We welcome any and all questions regarding our services or for any expert advice. We just want to be a good coach.